Our Specialities

    We specialise in the web-based applications. We design and develop thin-client applications that are platform neutral, requires no client-side installation and compatible with all modern browsers.

    Our centralised application server implementation model made for rapid intranet (LAN) or extranet (WAN) deployment.

    The following are some of our ASAP applications:

  • Construction Administration

    ASAP-CAS is specially designed for Architectural, Engineering and Construction projects. It manages the issuing and tracking of the project directions and progress payments in accordance to NZ regulatory standards.

    ASAP-CAS manages among others, projects, contracts, contract directions, meeting minutes and progress payments.

    ASAP-CAS supports multiple configurable regulatory standards, multiple printing stationery and layered access controls.

  • Document Folder Share

    ASAP-DFS is an document repository designed for sharing files and other information among a group of users.

    ASAP-DFS present directory folder like structures that hold various types of files and data. Access logs are maintained for changes and file uploading and downloading.

    While ASAP-DFS is designed as a standalone system, it can also be a component module for other systems such as ASAP-CAS.

  • Time-cost System

    ASAP-TAS is a simple Timesheet entry and cost management system designed for small to medium sized establishments.

    ASAP-TAS features a clean & effective timesheet entry interface. It also contains extensive set of reports including project job cost/budget analysis and staff performance analysis.

    Optional module will also allows ASAP-TAS to do invoices, statements and aging reports.