Our Products

  • Arkserve-AppsPortal or ASAP is the foundation framework for our web-based applications.

    ASAP features an easy to maintain Content Management System with multilevel security options.

    ASAP is highly extensible, integrating additional modules to turn a website into an unified business computing infrastructure.

  • The Album module is very customisable, not limited to just photos and is a breeze to use.

    For example, we can easily limit the types, numbers and size of the photos and files uploaded.

  • E-commerce and on-line transaction applications such as shopping carts are easy to set up and use.

    ASAP Shopping-cart module among other features, supports on-line registration and email notification.

  • Blogs and Forums are good avenues for sharing ideas, information and feedbacks.

    ASAP Blog module can contains both blog entries and forum topics all under a single blog object.

  • We design and develop special customised ASAP datasheet modules.

    These modules are easy to update and manage, excellent for use in for example, product catalogues.

  • There are no limits to ASAP modules.

    This is an example of combining shopping cart and datasheet features to produce an online community, allowing users to register, manage and sell their own goods.